Interview with Ian in Peek-a-Boo Magazine (Belgium)


Ian spoke with Didier Becu for Peek-a-Boo magazine last month and the interview has just been published ...

Click here to read it!


Hallowe'en Gigs coming up!

Remix album coming soon!


I'm excited to announce that a remix album of tracks from "Seven Years" will be coming soon, featuring contributions from Leaether Strip, Psyche, LaNada, nTTx, Reactive Black and more!  Stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy our new video ...




Video release coming soon!

New year, New Video ...


I'm excited to report that we'll be shooting our next video on January 20-21 in Toronto, Canada - for the song "Black Box" - directed by Keishi Kondo this time, and featuring Lovina Yavari.  Check back soon for more updates, pics from the set, etc.  


Free music!


We contributed a track to the newest compilation of artists with DeadFall Management, go here to download it! 

Very pleased to be included along with legends like Kommunity FK and Attrition, as well as other new artists like Saigon Blue Rain!  

The compilation is free or pay-what-you-want, with all donations going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  Give it a listen!


Front page of Terra Relicta

For our Japanese fans

"Seven Years" ranked #8 in Terra Relicta's top 20 of 2014!


On September 7, Terra Relicta updated their ongoing ranking of the best albums of 2014, and "Seven Years" made its debut ...


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